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We’re joining forces with mills, brands and designers ready
to make a positive change in the fashion industry. We want
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SEFF is a catalyst for change in the textile industry

We’re more than a Sustainable Environmentally Friendly Fiber. We are:

  • Enabling decarbonisation through farming
  • Revolutionizing the apparel and textile industries
  • Synonymous with sustainability, traceability, and high quality

SEFF unlocks possibilities

Due to SEFF’s unique technology and processing, SEFF is versatile enough to blend in high percentages with multiple fibers and process on various types of existing equipment, due to:

  • Ability to produce both long and short fiber (for compatibility with multiple spinning technologies)
  • Uniformity of fiber length
  • Fine fiber fineness (micron)
  • Soft handle
  • Low yield loss through spinning process
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As one of the largest vertically integrated apparel mills, Beximco employs over 70,000 employees globally and produces over 100,000 yards of fabric per day.

Beximco has a proven track record of investing in the newest technologies, traceability and certifications for the preservation of our environment and the future of our planet.

Our first public collaboration

Our collaboration allows Beximco and SEFF to make high-quality woven, knit and denim fabrics made with SEFF hemp fiber, while keeping the carbon footprint of the finished product as minimal as possible.

The Beximco X SEFF collection is focused on high-quality products and traceable sustainability.

The most important clothes you’ll ever wear ®

In every single way.

We have the potential to be carbon negative. For every product made with SEFF, there’s an opportunity to pull carbon from the atmosphere, while consuming less water to do so.

Join the revolution