At SEFF, we create with intent. 
Empowering people to make 
sustainable textile choices.

Revolutionizing hemp

SEFF is more than a fiber, our technology is ready to disrupt. SEFF is soft but strong, durable yet breathable. Naturally antimicrobial, and anti-UV. We play well with others, seamlessly blending with most existing fibers.

The most important clothes you’ll ever wear ®

In every single way.

We have the potential to be carbon negative. For every product made with SEFF, there’s an opportunity to pull carbon from the atmosphere, while consuming less water to do so.


We work with

  • Farmers to optimize their process for fiber and minimize their impact
  • Processors to help them meet our strict standards
  • Mills and designers to support them in achieving the best 
quality fabric
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Environmental benefits of hemp*

  • One hectare of hemp can store up to 15 tons of CO₂ in just five months.
  • Helps to break the cycle of diseases and reduce weeds in crop rotation.
  • Can prevent soil erosion just three weeks after germination.
  • Low or no pesticide usage due to less natural predators.


*Information sourced from the European Commision

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